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Vintage Elvis

Album recreation
Friday 12th of February 2016
Ben Thompson in a vintage photoshoot

Twinwood family photography

Anita Harris
Thursday 24th of September 2015
What a fabulous festival! Twinwood festival has grown to be the biggest vintage festival in the UK, and Beck Photographic were the official photographers for the event. The photoshoot lasted 3 days and we were priviliged to meet all the performers. ( four of the acts had already been in to our studio for a retro photoshoot) There was just so much to see and do - I had a great time! We specialise in vintage photography, and we have people come to our photographic studio for a retro photoshoot from all over...

Commercial car photography

Burn out!
Friday 6th of February 2015
We were booked again to cover the finals at Santa Pod just outside Wellingborough - What a great place for a commercial photographer ! Car photography is one of our specialities. We do commercial photography for Ford, Peugeot, and Land Rover amongst others The atmosphere noise and smell at the finals was fantastic, and it is a great family day out and a real privilige to be able to stand in the space allocated for professional photography (right next to the start line) - very loud!

Sywell Airshow 2014

Thursday 4th of September 2014
Sywell Airshow 2014

Commercial Photography in Northampton

Checking in
Friday 30th of May 2014
Ford booked us once again to do some commercial photography of their new cars. This time the venue was Dagenham. This place is so big they even have their own railway system. Plenty of smiling faces driving the new vehicles! Produce Great Commercial Photography in Northampton While some commercial photographers concentrate on one area, a generalized service may be offered by others. Typically, these professionals engage services like event coordinators and marketing companies. Pictures taken by...

Childrens photographer

Giving it a good blast!
Friday 16th of May 2014
Children grow up way too fast. Having good quality school portraits can be a wonderful and exciting way to document each passing year of their lives. We were excited when presented with the opportunity to photograph children for the new website of  Oakway School in Wellingborough. This comes under our commercial photography department. We are pleased to offer a variety of commercial photography to suit all occasions. We take pride in our work and contain all necessary credentials including a CRB...

Wellingborough Waendel Walk 2014

Pet Portrait
Saturday 10th of May 2014
Since 2004, we have been proud to have been  a part of the annual International Waendel Walk Weekend in Wellingborough. Thousands of people and families  from all over the world came to show their support and take part in the 3-day event. This walk is unique to Wellingborough, and I don't think Northampton has anything like it. It kicked off on Friday May 10th with two friendship walks of 5km and 10km, followed by a weekend of different routes ranging from 5km to a marathon of 42 km. We...

Hollywood photoshoot with The Three Belles

Sally head & shoulders
Friday 21st of March 2014
Have a look at our Hollywood shoot with The Three Belles. The ladies liked the look of our authentic Hollwood photography, so came to the studio in Wellingborough for their shoot.We dedided to do some of the images in B&W, some sepia, and some in a gorgeous vintage colour that is reminiscent of early Technicolor movies. The girls told me that these are the best images that they have had taken,and I think they look fabulous! If you are looking for a glamorous vintage photoshoot, then why not ring the...

Boudoir photoshoot Wellingborough

Beautiful and relaxed
Monday 3rd of February 2014
Welcome to our new intimate boudoir shoots. Althea came into our Wellingborough studio for a series of sensual images.We can shoot all sorts of makeover portraits, ie. Modern, Boudoir, Hollywood, Fashion etc. What you wear is entirely up to whatever you feel comfortable with.You can either do your own makeup or you can use the talents of Jenny our makeup artist who will be sure to make you look gorgeous! Will it be a photoshoot for your husband or boyfriend, or do you just want to indulge yourself? We are...

Vintage photoshoot with The Three Belles

Three fab ladies
Thursday 30th of January 2014
Here are some fab images of The Three Belles, one of Britains top forties singing acts. The girls travelled up from the south coast for their Beck retro photoshoot. These ladies are regulars on TV and have played in front of 14,00 people - I had my own private show when the ladies started singing during the retro photoshoot - what a privilage! The ladies voices are superb, and I'm sure we will see them more and more on the box!

Pet photography at Beck

Oscar the dog
Monday 27th of January 2014
If you are looking to have your favourite pet photographed, then look no further than our Beck Pet Experience. Here is a selection of dogs that have recently been in the studio. We photograph, dogs cats, horses - in fact any animal that you love, we will photograph! Although we are a Wellingborough photographer, if you want a location shoot, we can travel to you. We are true animal lovers, and have a great rapport with our fab 4 legged friends. So, if you are looking for an amazing pet portrait, then give...

Commercial photographer northampton

Fabulous venue
Saturday 21st of December 2013
Fabulous night at the The Belvoir Christmas Party at The Courtyard (One of my favourite venue!) We are the recommended photographer for Weddings at The Courtyard Hotel in Stanwick, but we also do function photography for Hayley & Lee, the managers of the venue. This was a fab party organised by Terry the MD of Lucking Estates Ltd who organised a magician and a comedian to entertain everybody. Terry was so pleased with our photography, that he booked us to photograph his wifes birthday party to be held...

Commercial Photography Northampton

Staff at Dunelm
Thursday 31st of October 2013
We were commissioned to shoot some commercial photography in Northampton of the new Dunelm store. It was only a few months ago when we were retained as a commercial photographer to shoot the opening of the Kettering store, and before that the Wellingborough store. Dunelm seems to be expanding at a rapid rate in Northamptonshire, and the staff seem to be very happy & friendly! We are experienced at shooting retail interiors as we have done a lot of commercial photography for Goldsmiths the Jewellers ( I...

Retro photography in Northamptonshire

Away on the train
Saturday 28th of September 2013
Here are some images we took in Northamptonshire for a 40's themed retro day. It was a fabulous day with good weather, and people really getting into having their 40's style photograph taken. We had a great time and met some really nice people. I am really looking forward to meeting all the people that booked their Hollywood photo shoot - we are going to get some great photography! For anybody else that didn't book on the day, please have a look at our Hollywood photography page and give me a...

Family photoshoot Northampton

Monday 23rd of September 2013
Here is a family photoshoot with the fabulous Baker family who decided they wanted something a bit different from normal family photography. They decided they wanted to have a photo shoot in The Box, and the theme would be "Pyjama party in a Box". As there were 9 of them, this suited our 3x3 Box layout. They really entered into the spirit of things for their family photography and we got some great images. If you are looking for a family photographer in northampton, then The Box could be that...

Gorgeous Retro Photography in Northampton and Wellingborough

Beautiful portrait
Tuesday 27th of August 2013
Here's some images from our latest Hollywood Style portraits and fifties pin up photoshoot. I love doing this style of retro photography, it takes much more skill than flat lighting photography. Tracey had heard about our fabulous retro photography and travelled down from Nottingham for her Hollywood style photoshoot - she loved the images and is coming back for another photoshoot in the future. What an amazimg model and look. You will notice that one of the Hollywood images is in colour. We have...

Unusual Wedding Photography

Fabulous wedding setting
Saturday 27th of July 2013
Here we have the fab & unusual Wedding of Geoff & Elaine. Geoff is the foremost preparer of Dragsters in Europe, and has won many awards.Geoff decided to take one of his winning Dragsters to the Wedding with him - What an amazing piece of kit!  I really enjoyed Geoff & Elaines wedding, and we got some very nice wedding photography. Two very nice people and a winning Dragster - what's not to like?. Luckily, Geoff remembered to take the key out of the car and all was well!

Wellingborough Party in the Park 2013

Children enjoyong some craft
Thursday 25th of July 2013
We had fantastic weather for this years Party in the Park which was a great family occassion - there was even a tent where you could have a mini makeover. It was dog and pet friendly with plenty of water available.The Mayor was on hand, and mingled with the crowd.There were Madness and One Direction tribute bands.It was a real family occassion and a great atmosphere.

Hollywood Photoshoot

Burlesque fan shot
Thursday 27th of June 2013
Here are some fabulous images from a recent Hollywood style photoshoot of Lynne and her friends. We specialise in this timeless style of photography and use the same lights and techniques that were used in 30's, 40's, and 50's Hollywood and burlesque photography. Boudoir photography also looks great in this most flattering of styles. So, wether you are looking for  glamourous Hollwood photography  or a fabulous boudoir photo shoot, Beck Photographic are the leaders in this style of...

Cheverolet at Santa Pod

Tuesday 28th of May 2013
This was a very enjoyable photoshoot! We were commissioned by Cheverolet, who sponsor Simon Gough to cover his outing in the Pro Et class. After getting an access all areas pass we made our way to the start line. NOTHING prepares you for the noise and the feeling in your chest when you are 10 or 15 feet away from a top fuel dragster when the pedal goes to the metal! It was a very enjoyable weekend, getting paid for one of the things I love - car photography.The sepia photograph is a 1964 Plymouth Fury. By...

Polly & Ed's Wedding photography

Beautiful bridesmaids
Saturday 25th of May 2013
Here are some images from Polly & Ed's fabulous wedding. The wedding couple were looking for an informal style of wedding photography that did not intrude on the occasion. Polly was born and brought up in Dingley, which really is a picture postcard village - superb for wedding photography. She had seen the church all of her life and knew that that was where she wanted to have her wedding. Ed is a vet and loves dogs (the same as me!), and of course, their 2 dogs had to be there! The weather was...

Waendel Walk photography

Marching Bands
Saturday 18th of May 2013
Here are some official photographs of The Waendel Walk. Another enjoyable photoshoot spread over 3 days.Lots of nice family,baby and dog photography.The Waendel is always a great family atmosphere and lovely to see all the pets and babies out in the sunshine. This was the 34th Waendel Walk, and every family seemed to have a great time whether they were walking, cycling or swimming.

Amy & Adams Wedding

The Bride
Monday 6th of May 2013
It was a fabulous day for wedding photography. Amy and Adam got married this year at Fawsley Hall, just outside Northampton. The entire day was stamped by pleasure, fun, and enthusiasm. It was made complete with plenty of hugs and a heartfelt wedding speech. The lads had planned their striking "Reservoir of Dogs" portrait beforehand, so they knew exactly what to do to get a striking image The sun was shining, and I made total use of this remarkable photoshoot to get some fab backlit wedding...

Pro Photographic Tip No 1.

Rule of thirds
Monday 6th of May 2013
When taking photographs of people or objects, make a more interesting composition by using the rule of thirds. Try putting the focal point a third of the way from the top or bottom and a third in from one side, instead of bang in the middle. Compare the two images, the image of the girl on the left is much more pleasing to the eye than the girl on the right.

Wellingborough Mayor Photoshoot

Wellingborough Mayor 2013 photoshoot
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013
It's that time of year again when we do the official photography for the Mayor of Wellingborough. This years new Mayor is Graham Lawman whos wife was previously the Mayor. We have done the Official photographs for Wellingborough council for 6 years now, and it's nice to know that my work will be hanging in the Council offices in Wellingborough for a very long time!  

Lewis Hamilton photoshoot

Lewis with McClaren board
Thursday 16th of August 2012
We were priviliged to be commissioned by Mercedes HPE to do a shootshoot of Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes boardroom 2 days after Lewis was World Champion. Lewis arrived at Mercedes HQ and there was a fantastic buzz about the place. Martin Whitmarsh (CEO of McLaren Racing and Team Principal of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes) was there as were the board of Mercedes racing. We started off with the official line-up of the board members and Lewis ( very small guy, as you can see in the line-up), some informal...
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